The Third Jerusalem Bach Festival 2018

The Jerusalem Bach Festival is becoming well established as a Jerusalem tradition that attracts audiences around the country. The Festival lasts for five days and includes concerts, shows, exhibitions and lectures devoted to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his influence from his day to ours. The Third Jerusalem Bach Festival will take place between March 17-21, 2018. The festival was founded by the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra and its musical director David Shemer, who serves as the musical director of the festival. Most of the concerts at the festival are performed by the Orchestra and soloist musicians from the Orchestra.

At the center of the Festival will be performances of Bach’s Magnificat, conducted by the Belgian viola da gamba player Philippe Pierlot. The Magnificat of Bach’s son, Carl Philippe Emanuel Bach, will also appear in the same program, played by the JBO, which will host the  Cecilia Soloists Ensemble (Moran Choir), a choir of soloists under the baton of the baritone Guy Peletz and the German tenor Richard Resch. The concerts will take place in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and in Haifa (March 17-18-19). The Magnificat, which will be at the center of the festival, will also be the subject of the exhibition from the Bach House in Eisenach, which will be on show in the lobby of the YMCA hotel and include on-site guided tours. As with every year, an international symposium with musicologists from Israel and from abroad will take place, the subject of which this year will be the Magnificat (March 21). After the symposium we will present a concert of short works, composed by various composers, all based on the Magnificat.


Magnificat with Philippe Pierlot, Cecilia Soloists Ensemble and Richard Resch

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