Bach in Jerusalem Festival 2019

22-26 of March 2019

Exhibition on the St. John Passion

An exhibition from Bach House, Eisenach, Germany will be on display in the foyer of the YMCA Hotel. The exhibition will be open to the public and will include guided sessions

A Bach family circus-concert

A Bach family circus-concert

Fyodor Makarov, clown.

Adaya Peled, soprano

Players of the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

March 22 at 12:00 – Terminal Tarbut, First Station, Jerusalem

From the adge of 4 to 120

Accessible to Hearing Disability 

For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1


The St. John Passion

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

Joshua Rifkin, conductor

soloists: Keren Motseri, Soprano; Avital Dery, Alto; Richard Resch, Tenor; Drew Santini, Bass-Bariton

Joshua Rifkin and JBO by Maxim Reider

March 22 at 13:00 – Zucker Auditorium, Heikhal Hatarbut, Tel Aviv  For Tickets  or *6119 Extension 1

March 23 at 20:30 – Elma Auditorium, Zichron Yaakov For Tickets or *9080

March 24 at 20:00- Beer Sheva Conservatory For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1

March 25 at 20:30 – The International YMCA Jerusalem Auditorium For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1

Organ recital

Franz Raml, organ (Germany)

A variety of J.S.Bach’s works for solo organ

March 23 at 12:00 – Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem 

For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1


Bach in the Studio

Selected singers from the Israeli Opera Studio (Meitar Opera Studio) will perform an evening of arias and ensembles from Bach’s cantatas, accompanied by players of the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra.

March 23 at 20:30  The International YMCA Jerusalem Auditorium For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1


The Next Generation

Selected young musicians from the Magnificat Conservatory,

Hassadna Conservatory and the Israel Conservatory (Tel Aviv) in a

concert devoted to the music of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries. 

March 24 at 16:00 The International YMCA Jerusalem Auditorium 

For Tickets or 026715888 Extension 1

Bach’s Cello Suites

Cellist Ira Givol will perform J. S. Bach’s solo cello suites BWV 1007-1010

March 24 at 18:30 The  International YMCA Jerusalem Auditorium

 For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1



The Bach Suites Project

Joanna Huszcza, Jonathan Keren, violin; Ira Givol, Mara Miribung, ‘cello; Zvi Meniker, harpsichord

Ira Givol with his Baroque Ensemble (Switzerland) will perform Bach’s cello suites, rearranged for the ensemble.

March 24 at 20:30 The International YMCA Jerusalem Auditorium

 For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1

Bach’s Violin Sonatas, Part I

Walter Reiter, violin

David Shemer, harpsichord

March 25 at 16:00 Conference room, International YMCA, Jerusalem

For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1

David Shemer










March 25 at 19:45 A special carillon concert from the YMCA bell tower


International symposium on the The St. John Passion

Convener: Uri Golomb

Participants: Joshua Rifkin (USA), Dr. Alon Schab, Dr. Jörg Hansen. (Bach House, Eisenach)

The language of the symposium will be English.

March 26 at 10.00-12.00,  conference room, International YMCA, Jerusalem

Free entrance For Ticets 02-6715888 Extension 1

Bach’s Violin Sonatas, Part 2

Walter Reiter, violin

David Shemer, harpsichord

March 26 at 16:00 Conference room, International YMCA, Jerusalem

For Tickets or *6119 Extension 1

Exult in God

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

Keren Motseri, soprano

Giuseppe Frau, trumpet (Italy)

 Drora Bruck, recorder; Tal Levin, oboe

Walter Reiter, Noam Schuss, Dafna Ravid, violin

David Shemer, conductor

A festive concluding program to the festival featuring Bach’s Cantata BWV 51, Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 and other concertos by J. S. Bach.

March 26 at 20:30 The International YMCA Jerusalem Auditorium

For Tickets or *6119 Extension 

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  1. Hi, which choir will perform with the JBO and soloists in the St. John Passion in Jerusalem?

  2. Hello! The following Ripiano singers: liron Givoni; Soprani, Iphigenie Worbes, Alto; Hillel Sherman; Tenor, Hagai Berenson

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